The Sheraton Imperial


First stop in Kuala Lumpur was our hotel for the first night- The Sheraton Imperial, which was located in the Golden Triangle ( Middle of KL).

It was about 9pm and the hotel was buzzing, lots of guests and lots of staff who assumed we knew what we were doing when it came to being fancy. We didn’t, really.We kept on trying to take our own bags and open our own car doors and I stood aside for the bellman to go through the door before me, and then he was standing aside and no-one went anywhere for an awkward 30 seconds.

Once inside, it was really nice. Water fountains and soft music and lots of marble and gold and chandeliers. There was a line at reception, but another staff member noticed us waiting and was full of apologies and checked us in. As silly as we might have felt, the service was just so incredibly efficient and friendly it was a great welcome to Kuala Lumpur.

Our room was amazing. First thing you see when you walk in is the floor to ceiling windows opposite the entry, with a beautiful view of the Petronas towers lit up against the night.  We had a king bed, huge bath, rainforest shower ( oh my god how can I ever shower in a normal shower again?) , and as a really nice extra touch, a  plate of ginger infused dark chocolate and grapes.

As soon as the bellboy left, we started jumping on the bed. Naturally. And I have to say, pretty good bounce!

We got into our robes and slippers ( of course), poured ourselves some duty free scotch and stood staring out the window eating our grapes, giggling at ourselves.

Amazing. Moments.

After a while I have to say that I got a little antsy- I think the people behind glass windows idea was getting to me.

I wanted to make sure that even though we has this amazing hotel and got to experience this luxury after a 9 hour flight and 2 hour taxi ride with only a packet of twisties between us, I didn’t want to miss out on experiencing the ‘real’ Malaysia. What a weiner. And so the learning curve begins!

So we walked down the street to a line of little restaurants and had some of the most amazing satay with rice balls I’ve ever had and sat sipping on some beers whilst people watching. Pretty happy.

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