Le Meridien + Chinatown

Is this a hotel blog?  First official day in KL and we wake up after such a good night’s sleep. In. Sleep in. We check out, and go to our other hotel, our base for the next 4 nights the Le Meridien.

Short taxi ride over, with a small stop in the entrance to the driveway to have our taxi checked for bombs ( that’s new ), we check in and are taken to our room. Ryan is a little unsure over whether we should ask to be on a higher level and goes to look at another room, but when he comes back I point out that our current room has the best pool-people watching opportunities. Done deal!

Le Meridien is a little bit out of the centre of KL but actually in a fantastic location, just opposite the transit station ‘KL Sentral’, which not only means that you are essentially a short and easy ride to most places in KL but also that you have a shopping centre at your disposal… if one might need such things…

The hotel itself is not as opulent as the Sheraton Imperial, fashioned a little more for the businessy type I think, but still really lovely. We were on the 9th level and our room had a huge window facing the (amazing) pool, and another huge window beside the bathtub which was awesome.  Rainforest showerhead as well as normal showerhead, lots of those excellent little shampoos and conditioners, little desk, etc.

First things first? China Town! We catch the train into China Town and wonder around some shops, I buy some awesome earrings for $4 ( nice) , which gets my one-piece-of-jewellery-from-each-country task done with early.

We find the big markets, wander around, amused by the dvd stalls( who still uses DVD’s?) and the lady that drags her cart around  yelling ‘YELLOWYELLOWYELLOWYELLOWYELLOW’. Still miffed I didn’t go buy something for her, just so I could at least find out what was so yellow.

We sat down on a pathside café and ordered some jugs of beer, watched the handbag sellers ( I restrained myself admirably ) and the teams of people walking past us. We ended up attracting quite a backpacker crew to our little (empty before we sat down) café, lots of quiet nods and quick smiles between us, before we moved on just down the road to a stall of everything you could ever think of and lots of things you’ve never heard of on a stick.

We picked some sticks, was given back one stick which was very confusing, then lead to a table where some gentlemen were trying to string up a extension lead to an umbrella in a funny yet might be quite dangerous way. We sat down, and, as there was a pot of steaming water in the middle of the table, we dunked our one leftover stick in that.

Everything was delicious!

On the way back to the train station, we got caught up in a mini parade of those guys in big dragon costumes, presumably celebrating the end of Chinese New Year. We thought it was pretty awesome as they danced, until they started lighting the firecrackers they had laid very very close to us. Silly westerners.

Next- More adventures in KL!

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