Petronas towers


We caught the train from KL Sentral into the Golden Triangle, and like other places in South East Asia, they use small round plastic tokens instead of train tickets which is a novelty at first…

A novelty until your boyfriend is playing with his token on the escalator after we gets off the train and it flies into the purse belonging to the lady in front of you and an awkward conversation in broken English ensues…

The Petronas towers are really impressive. The tallest buildings in the world from 1998-2004, totally sparkly and grand and intimidating. There was a huge storm when we arrived which no doubt enhanced the atmosphere. We joined a few other tourists taking photos before some fancy person was arriving at the towers so we got asked to move on by the guards.

We wandered into the shopping centre right next door (which was really fancy as well) and had some food in the food court. Food court rules are that the goal is to get the most unknown and unrecognizable food you can (and hope to god it’s not super spicy!)

Even though we were in a fancy shopping centre food court, it was still cheap, two meals for about $6 with drinks. I got some kind of super tasty hot plate prawn dish and Ryan got a delicious rice dish. ( He’s so happy about the abundance of rice dishes over here it’s ridiculous).

We walked around for a while before catching the train back to the hotel, cooling off from the heat in the pool and ordering some cocktails from the bar. Not a bad day!!

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