Sentosa Island

For breakfast we went to a local little café near our hostel that was recommended for the type of food Roti Canai which Ryan really wanted to try- a thin flatbread type of thing that can be made with cheese… We had it with some kind of meat dish that was waaaaaay too spicy for me!

We then took a cab to Sentosa Island, the flashy island resort that is home to luxury hotels, some beaches, universal studios among other things on reclaimed land about 15 minutes from the city centre.

We had decided to go to the S.E.A Aquarium which is the worlds largest and were pretty excited about it. When we got in, we got to hand feed and pat all kinds of stingrays and fish which was really fun,

and there was a pretty cool moving walkway surrounded by lots of different fish- but as we got to the end, a dolphin pool filled with very cheeky attention seeking dolphins;

We realized that we were totally at the wrong place. Haha. We had been taken to a different aquarium- The Underwater World by the taxi driver and had just walked in without thinking ( what dummies!). While we had enjoyed it, we still wanted to go to the new big one, so we got the bus over to the SEA aquarium.

Brand new, a little confusing at first, but the quality of the aquariums and the size of the tanks was astounding!! There was one tank that took up one side of a giant room and you could just sit there for hours watching all the different fish. It was magical.

That night we went to a food market called Lau Pa Sat that was fantastic. It’s open 24 hours a day but the stalls out the back are mostly only open at night from what we were lead to believe.

We went to those stalls to get some cheap and delicious satay and then sat and drank some beers outside for hours enjoying the smoky, hot, loud, and busy atmosphere.  Perfect.

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