The Marina Bay Sands & Casino


This building is amazing. Like something you think you saw in a dream once. A dream about the future. Or the Sims.  Within, you will find the worlds biggest atrium casino, a mall filled with all kinds of super pricey fare,  a museum, two theatres, seven celebrity chef run restaurants,  nightclubs, and an ice skating rink. And a hotel. A very expensive hotel.

On top of the building is the Skypark, and in that skypark is the worlds longest elevated swimming pool ( they’re big on world records here apparently). This is a vanishing swimming pool 191 metres above the ground. It’s amazing. I think. We didn’t actually see it, because you have to pay $20 each just to go up to the Skypark, or $50 to eat at one of the restaurants up there, but you have to be a hotel guest to swim in the pool. Next time, right?

This was our last day in Singapore and we didn’t have a lot of cash left, so, sitting in Chinatown having a beer, we decided that we wouldn’t spend any more money, or get any more out… but we would try our luck at the casino.  Which is what we did. We made our way to the Marina Bay Sands, marveled at the outside for a while, got lost in the huge glitzy shopping centre for a while, then found the casino.

Visitors to the casino get in for free but residents have to pay $100 for a day’s entry (rough! And a little intimidating to realize the people you will be gambling next to probably have a lot more of a disposable cash than you!)

We started with $15 Singapore dollars ($12.07 USD) and put $5 on black at a roulette table. Red. Dammit. It looked like our Time in the casino was destined to be short and nor particularly fruitful.

But! Then we moved to the craps table. I never really bothered to try and understand craps, but when you start winning… well I bothered a little bit then. Cos we did, win. At the highpoint, we were each up about $140 from that initial $10, and we left with $200 after about an hour of play. STOKED!

We went to the food court to celebrate and ate some amaaazing food, and then wandered over to the Gardens By The Bay, which is a super impressive park with huge artificial trees and beautiful gardens. Just another visual treat that Singapore has given us.

Next stop- flying to Kuching, Borneo!

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