Massages, no pain no gain?!


So, massages are super sweet right? South East Asia is pretty well known for cheap relaxing massages and we were both looking forward to this! I have had a few, mainly in Thailand or as gifts in Australia and I’ve enjoyed all of them. Or at least I thought I did. For a while there recently I was questioning everything I knew about massages, my pain threshold and maybe my bones and muscles were different to everyone else’s?

First up, there was about three massage parlours in our little market place across from our hotel, they were open until midnight and cost $15 each for an hour. Pretty good. We had images of ourselves lying in pleasure whilst someone drove all the kinks out of our backs.

Well, they tried to drive something out of our backs. The girls were perfectly nice- they didn’t speak any English but smiled a lot. Maybe because they’re sadists, because from the second my little tiny Malaysian girl started my massage I was almost crying in pain and came out with what would become huge bruises across my shoulder blades and spotty bruises across my lower back.

I stayed the whole hour because, well, I’m polite and didn’t want to upset anyone and also thought that maybe I was just a giant pussy. Ryan was in a room over and I could hear him getting pummeled, and he didn’t enjoy his either. It was not, to say the least, relaxing. So I looked up the best place to get a massage in Kuching. It was a posh-ish place in town, they gave us tea when we came in, gave us a room together, and there was soft music and it was lovely.

Until they started. I told my masseuse to please use less intense pressure, which she misunderstood as more pressure until my body was literally curling up in weird positions from pain and she used less pressure. Still not relaxing. Still painful. Were we too weak for Malaysian massages? We tried once more, sure that it was our own fault, that same day, and we left halfway through.

Too weak for Malaysian Massage!

We have since had foot massages in Thailand, and ( apart from being cheaper at about $6/hour) Ryan still can’t stand them, but I think either my feet are stronger than my body or they’re slightly more gentle over here? Because I love it.

I tried to look up to see if there was any difference between Thai and Malaysian massage techniques and couldn’t find anything, only that whenever I read about them using pressure points my body shivered in fear….

But we will not give up! I am adamant that I will find a massage that Ryan and myself both will enjoy and love and so that Ryan can understand why they can be so nice!!!!  Not such a hard quest!

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