So, turns out we both LOVE karaoke, although I’m usually too shy to sing in front of anyone, it’s not a problem singing in front of Ryan! We were in Kuching town one day, having a look around at the waterfront

When we stumbled across a karaoke place in a shopping centre. 30 RM ( US$10) for three hours in a private karaoke room with a beer each. Umm..ok!

So we went in, bought some more beers and stayed there for 5 hours. FIVE HOURS! And we only stopped because they charged more once it got to 8pm. It was fantastic! Although the toilet situation was a little strange!-

So, we discovered that we really really like karaoke. Which is good, because we also discovered that a little karaoke bar in the market opposite our hotel. No private booths obviously, we were lead to believe that this was a very local place.

We went in one night and were welcomed SO warmly by the chick who worked there, with short purple hair and who always seemed to be sporting a superman  t-shirt. The place was pretty tiny, with about 6 tables and another 2 out the front, and there was about 8 people there the first time we went. I don’t think either of us had actually realized it was a karaoke bar- yet.

We sat back with our bucket of beers and were talking amongst ourselves when I realized that the song I was hearing wasn’t coming through the speakers but from the man standing about two metres in front of me. He had the most amazing voice, and we were stunned into silence, just watching him. It was a Chinese song so we didn’t recognize it but it was just so, so beautiful!  When he finished, we clapped; he smiled at everyone in the bar, then took his seat. A lady stood up, and again, one of the best voices I’ve heard in real life.

It happened again and again. And then they started to come over and talk to us, although the language barrier was enhanced somewhat by the alcohol involved, we managed to communicate pretty effectively and we always ended up sharing a table.

They kept on buying us drinks, even when we tried to, at first openly, then more sneakily, buy them drinks or even pay for our own, they would catch us and shake their heads, grinning. It was amazing, the friendliness, the singing ability, it all came together to make quite a surreal experience.

We went again, of course, and it all happened again, more amazing singing, more drinks bought for us ( in fact we never got below half a glass before someone realized and opened a new beer to fill it up- we had to do all kinds of sneaky things to be able to finish a drink to be able to leave!) and more open friendliness.

They even ( with Ryan’s help ) got me to sing! They put Titanic on and gave me the microphone and I had to sing. And you know what? I loved it.  So. Karaoke, fun. And a fantastic way to make friends with the local people in Kuching!

Next up: Orangutans at Semengogg

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