The thing about flying…


Saddened to be leaving Thailand, relaxed and happy to be going back to KL, and a little anxious about our impending visit to South Korea, we jumped on a plane back to Malaysia.

I used to love flying, and still do love most of it, but some things can get a little old after a few flights. her’s my list of what irritates me about flying;

* Really loud, confused or stupid people in airports.

* Having to climb over people or wake people up when you have to pee.

*The increasingly terrifying take off. I am getting more and more scared the more I fly. I have probably been on an estimated 150 or so flights and until the last 20 or so I wasn’t particularly bothered. Now, I am. Terrified, actually. It sucks.

Put in a more positive light, these are the things I LOVE about flying;

*The magic of it all

*Airport and plane food ( call me crazy, I know)

*That feeling when you’ve gotten through security and there is (usually) no barrier where you are now and where you will be soon.

*Airport people watching

* Airport security guys who are smiley, and also those who make it fun. Usually by making fun of us, but in a nice way.

*Bitching about people who take too much carry on luggage

*Reading about the place where you’re flying to on the plane

*The excitement of it all

*Free alcoholic beverages on some flights. Yay.

*Lastly, the magazines. I freakin LOVE the magazines.


Whats your favourite/most hated part of flying?

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