On the road again!


Photo: Malaysia Party Time!!!

God, I love being on the road again!

So, the only hiccough we had leaving the great land of OZ was trusting the Air Asia attendants at our gate who said that of course we could use a credit card for food on the flight. Which we couldn’t of course, so thank god for the one small packet of twisties we had to share for the 8.5 hour flight to KL.  And for the flight attendant who felt sorry for us and let us pay in coins for two cokes, which we then mixed with our secret duty free rum. Fun flight, that one.

We got into KL airport- not the main one, (KLIA), but as we were flying Ais Asia, we flew into the LCCC ( Low Cost Carrier Terminal). It was absolutely pouring outside, as well as being hot and steamy. We were given little umbrellas to get the 200 metres from the plane to the terminal but still got pretty soaked and so looked a little lost and bedraggled when we arrived into the building, without, we realized, any disembarkation form.

There were signs for visas and other people lining up in all kinds of places, but we just went and lined up in the line that looked the most like other immigration lines in other airports, d’uh.

A few other similarly lost souls asked us if we knew what we were doing… and did we have a form? We smiled and said, no, we have no idea what we’re doing either! It’s surprising how long it took me travelling to realize that a lot of the time, the travelers (or, in a wider context- people!) around you have just as little idea about what they’re doing or what’s going on around them as you do. And what a relaxing thought that is!

While we were waiting in what we thought was the immigration line, we were discussing how crazy/interesting/frustrating it would be as part of your everyday working life to speak to a lot of people who don’t speak your language, or any other language other than their own very well. Turns out, here it didn’t matter. We walked up, showed the nice lady our passport, she scanned it and stamped it. Out the door and welcome to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia*!


  • Country number 48 OR 49 if we’re counting. And we are! 50 countries before I’m 30, yo!

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