Getting into KL


Photo: Nice view :-)

Getting out of KL airport will get simpler around May when there will be a cheap and fast train into KL, but until then you have the choice of a shuttle bus or a taxi.  Shuttle bus will cost you about 8RM each but we chose to take a taxi which cost us 22RM ( about $7).

The taxi’s at the airport use a coupon system, so you must go to the Taxi desk just before you leave the doors of the airport and buy a coupon from them, which you in turn give to the taxi driver.  This is the first time I’ve used something like this and found it incredibly in part incredibly assuring and in part a little confusing. I kept on expecting the taxi driver to ask for more money at the end of the journey, but perhaps that is most reflective on past experiences I’ve had with airport taxi drivers!

The taxi option was very scenic, Ryan got very excited about the F1 track when we drove past it, and because the LCCT is quite a ways outside of KL there was quite a lot of very very green countryside littered almost exclusively with palm trees.

Quite a ways out was a slight underestimation on our behalf, as we didn’t really take into account the traffic once we hit KL. We were super excited and kept pointing out buildings and lights etc, but then we realized that we were moving about one car length per ten minutes and both of us really needed to pee.

The taxi ride ended up taking us just over 2 hours for what we thought would be around an hour, but, even though our bladders were tested, I don’t think we would have had it any other way!

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