So.. it’s been a while, huh?



Yeah, it’s been quite a long while hasn’t it? But I’m back, it’s now 2015 (!) and I plan on making one of those New Years resolution thingy’s about being way better at blogging.

SO… what did I miss out on blogging about? Since the last time I blogged, traveling wise, I’ve been super lucky enough to have visited Beijing for one-night-only-craziness, staying at the super swanky St Regis ( thanks SPG points) and visiting Mao Zedong’s┬áMausoleum in Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, and eating lots of Dumplings.

I also had an amazing all-out birthday weekend in Vegas, a week in Boston, 3 nights in Osaka ( oh my goodness the food in Osaka though), and most recently a wonderful week in Sydney! Lucky much.

I also joined a writers group, who although I don’t see much of anymore, were extremely useful and helpful with my writing. I did a massive redraft of my book, and am excited about doing everything I can in 2015 toward getting it published.

I also started writing a new book. It’s something I’m very excited about and will probably be putting up a few chapters on here in the next year!

I’ve been collecting airline miles and have a super awesome plan to use them all in 2015, which will be crazy if it works out. Highlights i’m looking forward to are the possibility of going to a wonderful friend’s wedding in Dublin, to see an F1 race in Budapest, one of my favourite cities, with some of my favourite friends, going back to California to see some of those afore mentioned friends (yay) and hopefully seeing some winter days, cos summer in Australia is nice but snow is better.

I’m going to try and ease myself back into blogging and will try to keep anyone who might read this abreast of any awesome travel deals and writing and cooking and everything else I’m passionate about!


Peace xx

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