HAHA! I’M BACK! With an Aloft Bangkok review…

Take that Thursday Eve resolutions! Today, you lucky sons of bitc*es get a review of the Aloft Hotel in Bangkok.

You should probably stay there.

Is that enough? No? Ok. We stayed at the Aloft using Starwood points at the beginning of the year. The week preceding the 26th of January, to be precise. How do I, renowned hopeless date rememberer, know this? Because that’s Australia Day, dummies. And we celebrated in style in Bangkok.



Classy. In the background, you can see the bedhead from our room at the Aloft. Fancy, huh? Well, the Aloft Bangkok is fancy, but not in the ‘your butler will be here 24/7 for whatever you need, sir’ type of fancy.

It, like other Aloft hotels we’ve stayed in is very loud and hip and architecturally funky, and lighting design funky. The nightclub that’s attached to it seems super popular (though we never went) and on Friday night’s it seems like it’s pretty pumping.

The Aloft is located in an excellent position in Sukhumvit Soi 11, right near the NANA BTS Skytrain, walking distance to all kinds of fun Soi’s, and right next to Terminal 21 Shopping Mall (killer mango sticky rice in the food court)

AND right outside are in our opinion some of the best Mango and Street meat vendors in THE WHOLE OF BANGKOK. Pretty high words, I know.

The rooms were smallissh but perfectly comfortable with a super comfortable bed, Mini Bar, etc. The Rooftop Pool is not by any means the tallest or most impressive in Bangkok but is big enough and has a good birds-eye view of the surrounding area.

Being an Aloft, we didn’t really get any platinum recognition, which is fine with us,but the staff were really nice and competent and we did get free breakfast which was pretty nice. Nothing outstanding, but your general Omelette Station, Sausages, hash-browns, fruits etc.

There’s an (expectedly) overpriced cafe, a Pool Table, an mayble slightly less overpriced pool bar, and a pretty nice little Gym that we used a few times until we forgot to.

Aloft is a category 2 Starwood and is the cheapest option in Bangkok, both if you’re paying in dollars (usually under $100USD)  or points (4000/night, 3000/weekend nights)

I have unfortunately misplaced all my photos from our time at the Aloft except for this one:



So until I find them, that’ll have to do. Oh and here’s a link to the website so you can see what the hotel actually looks like n stuff.  –




Peace! xx


p.s. You should totally go to Bangkok, we love it there. I’ll write another post about the city another time… or will I…

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