(Small) Review of The Westin Grande Sukhumvit

We stayed for a week at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit using Starwood points at the beginning of this year, right after we stayed at the Aloft, and right before we went to Osaka.

Unfortunately I think I enjoyed my stay here less thank the Aloft for a number of reasons that have less to do with the hotel and more to do with me. I got really sick with a cold almost the minute we got to the hotel – so much so that we thought I was really allergic to something in the room (like the beautiful flower arrangement we had to have them take away sad-face).

I also had really high expectations for the Westin, driven even higher than our way better than expected stay at the Aloft.

Don’t get me wrong – The Westin is a really, really nice hotel. The staff are wonderful, the rooms are big, the amenities are great, the gym is small but good, and the pool is actually magical. But I was in bed a lot, sick in the head AND in the tummy, which means that like 70% of my diet was Macdonalds chips. Yum?

The hotel felt way more business-y than I had thought it was, and I felt like it was lacking in character because of that fact, especially in direct comparison with the Aloft.

The club was nice. Small, but comfortable with a buffet of both hot and cold snacks, including the usual cheeses and crudite etc, as well as Thai dishes. The staff were very lovely here and the drinks were to order. The location is pretty much exactly opposite Terminal 21 and the NANA BTS Skytrain- so pretty perfect.

We were Platinum when we stayed there and got placed in a club room with free breakfast.

The Westin Grande Sukhumvit is a Category 3, and will cost 7000 points or about $128 (current at time of writing).



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