Christmas Shopping

I’m currently researching ideas for Christmas, because I LOVE Christmas! A lot of people I know are into tech gifts, so my usual google search involves the words ‘tech’ ‘rad’ ‘unique’ etc.

What I’ve found unfortunate however, is that if I haven’t found anything worthwhile or in my price range with those searches, inevitably, I end up on a page that’s titled something like ‘ultimate presents for boyfriends/fathers/boys’.

It’s something that irks me, because even though it’s true, a lot of boys like tech, so do I, and so do plenty of females I know.

And when you look up ‘cool tech presents for girls’ a lot of the time the products are  just lamer, albeit prettier versions of the boys toys. Or time saving products (you know, because all of the time traveling back to the fifties to do the ironing we have to do).

It’s definitely getting better every year, so there’s that. And the first product I clicked on while I was on the boys toys page was the Poo Head – Velcro Cap Poo Flinging Game. So maybe I’m just not as much of a lady as other girls.


Ramble over.





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