We wanna go to South Korea!!


So… a few days ago we bought our flights to South Korea. We did this about 6 hours before North Korea decided it didn’t want to be in a cease fire with South Korea anymore, and South Korea started talking about wiping North Korea off the face of the earth and everything got a little silly.

I say that in the most hopeful way that that is all it is. Silly.  Cos I think it’s happened before and people on both sides have gotten all stompy and then it kind of went away again for a while.

I also have discovered a very addictive website- for someone like me – breakingnews.com. It’s so addictive. I love knowing news first. I don’t know why.  But you only get headlines and sometimes those headlines are scary and sometimes I feel it’s like chicken little.  Was he the sky falling guy?

Anyway. We’re gonna keep an eye out, but if anyone has any opinion on the current North Korea/ South Korea/US sanctions/war games situation, feel free to share! J

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