Recommended Websites

For flights, I used to exclusively use Kayak, however i’ve found that recently Skyscanner has been finding better deals. Hipmunk is also good.

For hostels, Hostelworld is my go-to website, however sometimes if a hostel is booked out on there i’ll use Hostelbookers instead, and it’s always worthwhile seeing if the hostel themselves have there own website.

For hotels, I generally use Expedia

I always check with Ozbargain, Flyertalk, and internationally, with Slickdeals ( although the layout can get a bit of getting used to )

For writing, I follow literary Agent Kristen Nelson’s blog as well as Navigating the Slush Pile. I find critiquecircle useful, as well as the Australian Writers Centre-  and

Shameless Plug- What’s My iPhone Worth? iPhone Antidote is a super amazing iPhone buyback company. If you’re in the States and you have an old iPhone, use it! Yay!


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